The Tea Centre of Stockholm

The Tea Centre of Stockholm is located on the Hump of Hornsgatan (Hornsgatspuckeln), a cultural district on Stockholm’s south island (Söder), which can be likened to Montmartre in Paris or Hampstead in London.

The Tea Centre of Stockholm is the first retail outlet of East West Company Scandinavia AB (EWC). It was founded by Vernon Mauris in 1979, and is EWC’s jewel in the crown. It is an old-world, homely shop, where only one product is for sale – tea (Camellia Sinensis).

You will also find the teas presented here under each country of origin.

Our passion for tea permeates the atmosphere of the shop, and even its furnishings are a delight to the true tea lover. It is our striving to achieve high and even quality in the tea we sell, and also in the personal service we provide. High-quality tea, personal service and good ethical standards are the hallmarks of the Tea Centre of Stockholm.

The Tea Centre of Stockholm has become well-established both inside and outside Sweden. It is mentioned regularly in the press, and has become a tourist attraction in its own right.