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German missionaries were involved in the foundation of this 257 hectare plantation, which lies at an altitude of 980-2,050 metres above sea level.

Risheehat Tea Estate is located in one of most beautiful valley famous for growing the best organic teas. The steep land topography, rich and fertile soil, temperature and rainfall are beautiful Kanchanjangha peak towards the north of the estate.

Risheehat literally means “Home of Holy Saints”. The Garden was established by British planters in the mid 19th century and was known as Tsering Bagan because of local population of the Tsering tribe.
Risheehat has been producing top-quality teas at an altitude of 980 to 2050 MASL for many decades. In 2010 the Risheehat Garden was granted organic status and since then has been producing first-rate organic Darjeeling teas year after year. Before the strike, in 2016 the annual production volume was 180 tons. Risheehat teas are extremely popular with tea lovers all over the world and should be prepared with care.

It is with pride that we can offer our customers this exceptional, fine-quality tea. It not only delights us with its beautiful amber hue, but also surprises us with its highly aromatic and spicy taste. You can also detect elements of nutmeg in the aroma.

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