Darjeeling Singbulli Oolong Superior


Located in the Mirik area in Darjeeling, the Singbulli estate is spread across 9 rolling hills over an area of 22 km with altitude varying between 360m to 1250m above sea level.


Originally established in 1924 by British planters the garden has four divisions, namely Singbulli Division, Manja Division, Tingling Division and Murmah Division. The plantation is very active in ecological upgradation and maintaining bio-diversity at the garden and has initiated various programmes for soil conservation and environmental protection. The garden management plants different types of grasses, leguminous crop, short height shrubs and tall trees in the fallow land all along the boundaries of the sections and in vacant patches. The estate has Fair Trade certification and DUTCH HACCP by SGS.


This is an absolute rarity from one of the top plantations in Darjeeling. The tea leaves come from the Chinese plant, are picked only in small quantities, and are treated using a special method. This gives a bronze-coloured tea, with a flowery and mild taste. Its unique aromatic character will be a delight to the true tea connoisseur. The large, open Oolong leaves in the colours of many different woods and the long silvery leading shoots leave nothing to be desired.

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