Dung Ti Oolong


Dung Ti is Taiwan’s best-known Oolong tea and, alongside Chinese Ti Guan Yin, is probably the world’s most widely dispersed. It is produced on the Dong Ding Mountain, in the areas around the tea community of Lugu in the Nan Tou region. The district has a cool, misty and humid climate that is perfect for tea cultivation. Dung Ti is one of the mildest and softest Oolong teas, due to its greenness and sparse oxidation. It is customary to estimate the oxidation level at about 10 to 20 per cent. Like all light Oolong teas, it is extremely floral, with clear lily aromas, sometimes reminiscent of jasmine. But there is a certain herbaceous tone that prevents the floral tones from taking over completely. Such a light and elegant tea is at its very best without accompanying snacks, but it is also good with simple desserts and mild fish or seafood dishes.

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