Dung Ti Roasted Oolong


Dung Ti Roasted Oolong is a premium oolong tea from Taiwan. The name means "Frozen Summit", which is the name of the mountain in Taiwan on which the original tea plants are planted. This tea is from the Lugu region of Nantou County in central Taiwan. The tea grows at heights of 800-2000m. Dung Ti Roasted Oolong is one of the most famous Taiwanese oolong teas. Its history begins in 1860's, when the original tea trees were brought from China's Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province. The climate of Nantou county gives unique opportunity to grow the highest quality of tea. Dung Ti Roasted Oolong is low-oxidized but high roasted which helps preserve twice as much vitamins and minerals in the tea leaves.


The leaves are green in the center and reddish in the edge and very thick. They are rolled in perfect balls.

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