First Flush Darjeeling Goomtee Charisma EXN/23/17


Situated in the Kurseong Valley (the land of orchids), Goomtee Tea Estate has an altitude ranging from 999 to 1,999 metres. Goomtee is truly a heritage property. The Partners have been privileged to manage it since 1956. The third generation is now ready and eager to continue with the tradition while experimenting with new processing methods. The garden is ideally situated for the production of high quality Darjeeling tea. The climate in Goomtee Estate is ideal for growing tea: in a normal weather cycle, the temperatures are cool to moderate and rainfall is generous. As a result of these conditions the Goomtee gardens produce some of the most aromatic teas in Darjeeling.


Goomtee has always been one of our favourite estates because their tea is consistently bright, clean, brisk, flavoursome, distinctive, and aromatic. For lovers of fine, steely German Riesling wines with backbone and finesse, this is the aromatic tea equivalent to that style.

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