Jeoncha plus Organic

Republic of Korea

Preparing and drinking tea should include certain qualities: naturalness, simplicity, moderation, firmness, flexibility, and gratitude. This is called Dado (The Way of Tea). From these words, it is clear that Korea’s ”Way of Tea” is not a formal, ritualized ‘Tea Ceremony’ but truly a ‘Tea Life’. Individuals practice the most essential values of life, while performing one of the simplest human activities. Generally, the Dado can be considered the way to brew tea and drink quality tea well. According to the book titled ‘The Study of Dado written by Mr. Myeongbae Kim, the Dado is defined as the activity in which we cultivate virtue by training the body and mind through the entire process involved in the tea life from picking the tealeaves to drinking the tea.


A 100% organic green tea. The flavour offers a fresh, savoury taste and releases an incredible vegetable aroma. The needled shaped leaves of Jeoncha do not follow the traditional Korean technique of roasting the leaves, but adopts the Japanese steaming method. Therefore it carries a vivid green tint while producing a fresh taste.

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Serving suggestions

Boil water no warmer than 60-70°C and pour over 2-3 spoons full of tealeaves. Let steep for about 2-3 min and enjoy. If possible try pre-heating you teacup/teapot for a better result.

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