Joongjak plus Organic

Republic of Korea

According to when it is picked, Korean Green Tea is divided into four time frames: Woojeon and Sejak, Joongjak and Daejak; meaning First flush pre- and post-rain, Second flush and Third flush. In Korea, as in China, the year is based on the phases of the moon in the lunisolar calendar. Hence there are clearly defined periods for the different tea harvests.


Joongjak is known as one of the top three Korean green teas. It is commonly known as ’Sparrow’s tongue’ for its rarity and appearance. Only small quantities are produced each year, it is very labour intensive. Joongjak is picked during June each year. It is the second flush of the year. The slim spiral leaves are a dark imperial green which become like velvet when steeped. The tea may be enjoyed on many different levels. We would recommend up to three steepings. It is highly evocative with an invigorating taste. It is malty yet green and vibrant with a deeply refreshing mellow aroma with a slight bitterness. 100% organic.

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Serving suggestions

Boil water no warmer than 60-70°C and pour over 2-3 spoons full of tea leaves. Let steep for about 2-3 min and enjoy. If possible try pre-heating you teacup/teapot for a better result.

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