Lapsang Souchong


For Lapsang Souchong, the slightly larger and stronger third and fourth leaves (counted from the bud) are used. The leaf quality becomes exactly that of Souchong, hence the name. For fine, elegant green teas, these leaves are a little too robust, but they are excellently suited for smoked black teas. The freshly harvested Souchong leaves are dried over cypress or pinewood fires. After being rolled, they are placed in wooden barrels to oxidize; then, they are roasted to halt the oxidation, and finally hung in bamboo baskets over smoky pine fires, where they absorb the aromas of the smoke as they dry.


The smoky flavour is strong, but not quite as powerful as that of most Taiwanese teas. Suited to hot and spicy food, whisky, and other mature spirits, and also to cigars. Can be used as a smoky taster in food.

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