Matcha (30 gram)


Matcha is the most exclusive and legendary of teas. The tea consists of a grinded powder whisked into a frothy beverage that you drink without filtering away the tea leaves. The foam is bright avocado green, while the drink itself is rather more dark green. Generally, the best-quality Matcha teas are light and sweet, while the darker ones are slightly more bitter. The taste is algal and vegetable, and can be perceived as slightly insipid by the uninitiated. Since you also drink the tea leaves themselves, you consume larger doses of vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and caffeine.

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Serving suggestions

You need a wide-rimmed bowl to have room for the whisking, and an ordinary whisk, preferably a fairly small one. Then, you need a teaspoon to measure the tea dose, and a strainer to sift the powder.

In order for all lumps to disappear, sift 1 teaspoonful of Matcha powder in the bowl. Pour about 0.6 decilitres of water at 80 degrees over the powder. Whisk rigorously until the foam comes to the surface. Ready to enjoy!

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