Se Chung


Se Chung is oxidized rather more cautiously than most other Oolongs from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province, thereby making for a slightly lighter, very delicate and elegant drink. A clean and fresh flavour with some sweetness in the after-taste, soft herbaceous tones, not as florally scented as many light Oolong teas. Also, the light roasting that arrests the oxidation of the tea leaves – virtually all whole and very gently rolled – creates aromas with a bread-like touch, giving the tea a comfortable balance. It is very close to green tea by nature, but still has the typically round, soft Oolong style, without bitterness.

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Serving suggestions

The finely tuned nature of the tea means that it goes very well with light snacks or seafood dishes, although its flavour can disappear in the company of strong-tasting food. You should also try serving Se Chung cold as a refreshing thirst quencher or meal-time beverage. And, if you are seeking to maximize its elegance, you can steep it in cold water for a lengthy period of time, up to 10 hours, when the aromas will blossom. Tea cannot get much more delicate than this.

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