Sir John Blend (100 gram)

Black tea

This is a blend of high-quality Taiwanes Lapsang Souchong teas, which give a lively, smoky flavour. Its well-balanced, strong and somewhat dry taste makes it a good substitute for wine.


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Serving suggestions

Sir John Blend is best served alongside stronger tastes, such as those of smoked salmon or grilled meat. Hot or cold, with or without sugar. If you serve the tea cold with a meal, you can stir in a little sugar before you cool it, so that it obtains a fine, even taste. One or two teaspoons per cup is usually about right. Too much sweetness won’t suit the food. Smoked herring on buttered crisp bread with a hot cup of Sir John Blend is an unbeatable combination. And Sir John is also good with whisky: add 3-6 centilitres of whisky to 1.5 decilitres of Sir John Blend, and serve in a tall glass. Then stir down one or two spoons of sugar. Also, drink it as it comes, with a glass of cognac.

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