Söderblandning (100 gram)

Black tea

"The Blend of South Stockholm"

Our most popular and best-known tea, filled with the tastes of tropical fruits and flowers. Its popularity extends far beyond our country’s borders, and the tea is constantly finding new enthusiasts.

Söderblandning, which has been produced since 1981, is supplied solely by the Tea Centre of Stockholm. Many copies with similar names are sold by others, but only here will you find the original. Enjoy a delightful cup of Söderblandning. Equally good hot and cold, with or without milk.


A picturesque image of our shop in it's beautiful south Stockholm atomosphere all displayed on a elegent 100 grams canister.

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Serving suggestions

Serve hot with a glass of port. This relaxing combination has recently become very popular in Portugal.

grams / 2 dl

degrees C.


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