Söderblandning (250g)

Black tea

At the time of starting his quaint little shop The Tea Centre of Stockholm in 1979, Vernon Mauris never imagined that his blends would gain such prominence on the Scandinavian market. The very thought of composing blends and exporting them seemed like a distant dream.

During the late 1980s, his attention was drawn to classical tea caddies. He had nostalgic childhood memories of Sri Lanka, of his older sister saving her monthly allowance in a small tea container (tea caddy) similar to the one you have here. This tea caddy is a redesign of the original caddy created for the Tea Centre of Stockholm in 1991, and it is filled with our famous Söder blandning.

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Söderblandning, which has been produced since 1979, is supplied solely by the Tea Centre of Stockholm. Many copies with similar names are sold by others, but only here will you find the original. Enjoy a delightful cup of Söderblandning. Equally good hot and cold, with or without milk.


grams / 2 dl

degrees C.


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